REIKI DEGREE 3A ~ Advanced Personal Empowerment Levels.
'Greatest Degree of Acceleration of all Personal Empowerment Levels'
Manipūra Chakra ~ 3rd Centre of Consciousness ~ Ether Element
Mani = pearl, jewel
Pūra = place, city
  • The Reiki Degree 3A permanent alignment, the 3rd Degree ‘Key’ known as “The Great Light” in Tibetan Buddhism which magnifies the power of protection for yourself and others.
  • The Reiki Degree 3A Attunement which greatly expands the power of your Reiki energy by 2.5 times that of Reiki Degree 2 giving you the ability to access more of the infinite universal energy.
  • On completion of the course you receive the Reiki Degree 3A manual and your Third Degree Certification.

  • How to apply the 3rd Degree Reiki 'key' directly with the body’s energy centres further expanding life force energy to boost and balance all levels of your being.
  • Set by step instruction on how to use the ‘key’ for your own divine protection from negative disturbance, electrical interference, including self sabotage and protection from others negative thought programs and patterns.
  • Two very powerful Reiki Energy Booster Attunements to enhance the power and energy of divine bliss for your your Reiki Sessions, bathing you in pure light.
  • Allows you to empower Attune anyone to the Reiki Energy. You will be able to activate the person’s hands to the Reiki energy giving them the ability to use the healing and empowering benefits of the Reiki energy to energise, bring balance and healing.
  • Amplifies greatly expands your Reiki Degree 2 energy for the power of the Reiki ‘Keys’ symbols permanently.
  • Both Reiki Energy Booster Empowerment Attunements can be sent distantly to others assisting their health & wellbeing and are easily performed on yourself, to increase your energy and amplify the power of your Reiki Treatments.
  • When the Reiki Energy Booster Attunements are performed on a student who is already aligned in the Original Seven Levels System they increase the person’s energy and power permanently.
  • You can see the 'radiant glow' in a persons eyes once they have received the Reiki Energy Booster Attunement. Perfect to empower your family, friends, loved ones and clients to the powerful healing energy of Reiki.
  • The unique Booster Empowerment Attunements can be sent to your personal empowerment projects from Reiki Degree 2 to increase the power of manifestation. Both can be applied to energise your food, water, pets, plants and animals. Can be sent for the healing of Mother Earth. Enhance and increase the Reiki healing energy further to bring harmony to your home, your work, any time, everywhere and for any purpose!.

  • 3A gives you all the skills to heal at a much deeper mental emotional level supplying more nourishing energy to your Solar-plexis and your digestive system, enhancing greater awareness and self empowerment.
  • Highlights your Third Eye centre, to expand your intuitional abilities for greater clarity and inner guidance. Creates greater balance and divine harmony to all aspects of your life by dissolving and transmuting physical, emotional and mental blockages.
  • Reiki Degree 3A is ideal for a students desire to increase the Reiki healing energy through learning the Reiki Empowerments Attunement formula!

‘I've found Reiki 3A to be one of the most transformational of the Seven Personal Development/Practitioner Levels of Reiki that I have ever experienced, giving me the opportunity to give something back by sharing this Divine Light’ ~ Dez Dalton

This outline only covers in brief the benefits of graduating in Reiki Degree 3A
Thoroughly enjoyed studying level 3A with you!! You're a wonderful teacher and a natural educator. I've decided that my next goal is to work towards achieving level 4!! I especially enjoyed listening to your stories and insights that you speak about; attachment to outcome, visualization, purpose, gratitude etc. It's certainly food for the thought and soul. Thank you. I knew that level 3 would be different; but I walked away with a lot more than 'level 3a'! I feel the energy through my hands being stronger now! the super bliss baths are wonderful! Mum feels new after her attunement the other night! I'm going to give her the attunement and then the whole body treatment tomorrow.
I can't wait! In love and light. ~ Ryan E. School Teacher U.K.

I wanted to thank you again for holding the 3A class for me you taught it perfectly and I very much enjoyed it and it certainly has given me a new way to look at myself. ~ Neil M. IT Mgr Australia.
Visible results of the pure source and lineage of the Reiki system from our Reiki 3A students whilst holidaying in Bali as my Last Bali Trip was quite Metaphysical. When we where over in Java we went to the village shaman. We Gave him Reiki, he (through a translator)
Said “ I have never felt anything like that, I saw the masters come to me, It comes from the plants and the trees and all life. It started in Tibet and went to Japan and America” I WAS SPEECHLESS! ~ Guy Glas DJ