REIKI DEGREE 2 ~ Advanced Personal Empowerment Levels
Svadhishthāna Chakra ~ 2nd Centre of Consciousness ~ Water Element
Svā = Self
Adhishthāna = seat, residence

second chakra  
REIKI 2 ~  Personal Healing ~ Dissolve Emotional Stress, Anxiety, Addictions

  • How you can make your treatments even more effective using the Reiki 2 energy to bring greater health and well-being.
  • To apply the Reiki ‘keys’ - directly with the body’s energy centres - ‘chakras’ and how to increase the life force energy, boost and balance the body’s immune system.
  • To use the Reiki protection symbol to protect yourself against electrical interference including divine protection from others negative thought programs.
  • A unique treatment that works at the deeper subconscious level for yourself and on others, dissolving emotional stress, past shock, trauma, limitating programs and addictions.
  • How to receive an hours worth of the Reiki energy in just 15 minutes and how you can increase the Reiki energy further. Highly beneficial when living a busy lifestyle.
  • The Reiki 2 permanent Attunement and three of the original Reiki ‘Keys’ - symbols, are instructed in their use and their application. With knowledge for each of the 3 individual Reiki keys corresponding to the elements of nature
  • Reiki skills and support to enhance the power of your thoughts, your words and how to create your perfect life.
  • The Reiki Degree 2 Certificate and Reiki Degree 2 manual.
  • 1ST ~ Technique dissolves past programs and negative patterns from conception to birth, operating within the cellular level right up to your present age.
  • 2ND ~ Technique integrates the great Universal Law of Attraction increasing the flow of prosperity consciousness, creating new careers, financial opportunities and to manifest your desired dreams personal and professional.
  • 3RD ~ Technique combines Reiki and Sacred Geometry to easily remove stress, self sabotage, emotional baggage and programs.

    Use all 3 powerful techniques for yourself, to uplift your friends and family.
  • Two very powerful and effective healing treatments for yourself and to share with your loved ones.
  • A much deeper healing energy of Reiki 2 to create calm, inner peace to fill you with more light.
  • Applying the distant Reiki formula to bring greater health & wellbeing.
  • Using the manifesting techniques to create more and better in your life.
  • Reiki Degree 2 gives the ability to become a qualified Reiki Practioner.
  • This is a brief introduction to an expansive menu of empowering techniques for you to access new, valuable skills and experiences available to you in your Reiki Degree 2 class.
  • Your investment $550
Since the two Reiki trainings I did with you so many beautiful things have unfolded in my life. It is pretty inspiring!
At the beginning of this year my vision was to emphasis my life and create opportunities in these three areas:
Body Mind Soul:
Body: Zumba and Samba My goal this year was to get back into the world of dancing, which is my passion. I created my Zumba Instructor business which is up and running in the Northern beaches and in Sydney city. I teach 1 to 4 times a week. Also I have been selected to be part of the Samba Pro/Show Team of the Latin Dance Australia dance school in Sydney to dance in shows and festivals.
Mind: Education Officer and Consultant Before the Reiki trainings I had just quit a job that I really didn't enjoy and that wasn't corresponding to my values and beliefs. A couple of weeks after the Reiki training I was offered my dream job as an environmental educator at the Sydney Olympic Park working with children in nature the whole day ~ reconnecting children to nature (which was the topic of my PhD). After the first day I was also offered a position as a consultant in sustainability education and behaviour change at the Sydney Olympic Park Authority to create projects with children in nature. This position allows me to work from home and to get paid for it. Exactly what I wanted! I work 3 to 4 days for them and the rest of the days I have time for creativity and enjoy the Manly lifestyle. Wow! Reiki, the law of attraction and daily gratitude really works.
Soul: Reiki & meditation I have been doing meditation and Reiki everyday since my training with you and have been doing sessions with friends and family. My goal is to give treatments and create a space in my home to offer Reiki treatments. My Reiki treatments business: 'Mahana Energy Healing'. 'Mahana' means sun and energy in Tahitian. Thank you again for the great Reiki workshops I did with you. So many good things have happened into my life! Sending you many blessings.
~ Sarah Brikke Licensed Zumba Fitness and Aqua Zumba Instructor.

I came to Dez 12 months ago, 21 years old, lost and confused as to where my career was heading. I started with Reiki 1 and not long after Reiki 2. In this time, I have traveled to New York and Paris to work during fashion weeks with respected designers and my PR idol Kelly Cutrone. I then figured out I wanted to be in fashion tech, so started a fashion app (Stashd) which in less than a year has featured in publications such as Forbes and has users in 85 countries. I practise Reiki 5 days a week and it has really given me the clarity to realise what I want and has given me the strength to take risks. I am incredibly in touch with my intuition and have more faith in myself making those tough decisions. When I look back on the last 12 months which has taken to around the world working on what I love I can honestly say that it began when Dez and Reiki entered my life. Don’t underestimate the power of the Seven Level System of Reiki, once you are aligned with the universal flow everything in your life will follow if you let it. I can’t thank Dez enough!
You and Reiki have changed my life. I'm sitting about to have my final Skype meeting with Forbes Magazine who are writing a story on me to be published globally, I'm also jetting off to Vietnam. So, THANK YOU. What you're doing is so amazing. ~ Jessica Wilson  ~ creator of STASHD APP. Leading fashion mobile app.

I worked with some people doing Reiki on a young man who was diagnosed with Leukaemia in Darwin. He was either misdiagnosed at the Darwin Hospital or cured through Reiki as there is no symptoms from over 7 years ago. ~ Fiona C.
Thanks for your Reiki 1 & 2 courses I'm really enjoying my job as a massage therapist and Reiki energy healer. I've now turned to Vegan and feel very good for myself you are my inspiration. ~ Brian.
After, the Reiki 2 class with you, I had some really powerful stuff happening at home, we sent distant reiki to Sam and Tom, following a major conflict which had been brewing for years. That evening, there was so much forgiveness, honesty and love, It still gives me goose bumps thinking of it, I am indebted with gratitude. I have been practicing Reiki 2 on a daily basis, althought it is taking time to get through the book, but I'm loving it and my life has been enhanced in the process, I dont know why I left it so long between levels. ~ Carol-Anne.
Just wanted to let you know, I've stopped eating meat and all the bad stuff! And im not taking any medication since Reiki 2 review, and I feeling amazingly better! Thank for reminding me of what I am...starting to feel my self again and being me is great. How can I ever thank you! ~ Alyssa.
Thank you. I loved the course and have prepared some Reiki 2 manifestations for health, work, relationships. I will do the Reiki Sacred Star technique and combine all. I went through the manual and practised the symbols. I am putting it into practice. Gave myself a bliss bath and the healing Reiki 2 symbol on the back chakras felt great - really electrifying. I can feel it is working. Thank you so much for sharing your powerhouse of knowledge with us. ~ Vinita.
I cant believe how much better my leg looks and feels, the swelling and discolouration is amazingly better, looks like 1 weeks healing done overnight! And the emotional high I was on last night, I was just blissing out, really connected to all memories of my youth, amazingly vital experience! Thank you so much! ~ Lana L.
Thank you so much for all your beautiful work, I feel a lot of gratitude. My body is healing because since last Saturday I feel that same warmth we experienced during the healing sessions constantly. Actual burning. When I give myself treatment my liver and my knees(front) start burning greatly as if more people are working on me simultaneously. I feel that this Reiki is exactly what I needed to help me to move forward. ~ Pandita.
Oh and a big thank you for the two day Reiki 2 Seminar, it was awesome. I felt like I have gained skills that will help me for the rest of my life and I can already see the energy behind these symbols and how they are working for me and all those around me that I send energy to. Words can not describe fully my gratitude to the Universe for showing me the path to you Dez and the Seven Level System. A big big thank you too Dez for spending that extra time helping me and Melissa to word our Sacred Star of Empowerment to "platinum", and I would like to extend my thanks to Di as well for adding her wisdom to our Reiki 2 techniques. ~ Janine W.

Thankyou for the Reiki 2, I have already manifested a place to work for my sister and myself. I am so blessed to be here. I know i am divinely transforming to my true self. Divine blessings to you. ~ Marisa M.

I am still gaining many benefits from Reiki 1 + 2  so thank you very much. I manifested a tropical holiday to Thailand and finally got a little car recently! I have sent lots of distant reiki and have some amazing experiences when I do healings … I am also so much healthier…as you know the cigarettes went nine months ago and I have little desire to go out and drink a lot on the weekends, infact I would rather sleep and relax in the sun and see my cousins new born…different to the “go go go Sofia” I once knew. One thing I have noticed is my lack of tolerance for impure and un-grounding foods too…it is like my body rejects it…so I have recently cut out all sugar too…Work is still great lovely humble people here and music is coming along really good the universe sent me the most incredible tutor and my voice is becoming very strong. ~ Sofia H. Performing Arts.

I just wanted to share with you this email I got from my friend whom I was staying with whilst I was in Sydney during the Reiki 2 Training. As you will see, she has had a neck problem for years, and on Sunday night, I gave her a Reiki treatment. It really is amazing how the Reiki energy works and how much easier it is to release past (pain). I just can't express in words how much this weekend has meant to me and how it has enabled me to tap into my spiritual side, which I now realise I have kept in the background of my life, although it has been doing wonders for supporting me quietly. ~ Helen J.  Personal Trainer.

The Reiki level 2 attunement is amazing! I'm certainly not the same person. My ethics & personal values are changing. My Intuition and spiritual awareness is growing daily ~ Edward W. Security manager.

Have been practising my symbols plus meditating with them and also treating myself with Reiki every day. The heightened power since Reiki 2 is phenomenal. I just love it !! Also been sending distant Reiki and presently working on the manifestations technique. ~ Margot L. Flight Attendant.

Feeling great. Really energetic! Great course! Regards Russell T. ~ Major in Armed forces.