LEARN REIKI 1 ~ Self Healing for Optimum Health, Energy & Wellbeing!
Mūlādhāra Chakra ~ 1st Centre of Consciousness ~ Earth Element
Mūla = Root, Origin, Essence
Ādhāra = Basis, Foundation

base chakra
  • The true history, linage the nature and purpose of Reiki it’s many applications. How Reiki has Seven complete individual component parts - One Reiki Level for Each Chakra - Energy Centre. How you can use this safe effective natural healing technique to share with others and for self-healing to assist your body’s natural ability to heal.
  • About the human energetic bio-field ‘Aura’ and how you can dissolve old limitating programs, patterns and stagnant energy of emotional/mental stress of the human energy-field - meridians.
  • How Reiki is completely safe for everyone and complimentary to all forms of of physical activiy, natural and traditional therapies and treatments.
  • The permanent Reiki 1 Level Attunement - activations to align you to the Universal healing energy in a specific Reiki Attunement formula for expanding all of your energy centres at a higher vibrational level.
  • Your Reiki Degree 1 Certificate and Reiki Degree 1 manual.

  • Reiki energy treatments in the class to bring calm, peace and bliss to your mind, body and soul.
  • Reiki Degree 1 + Reiki Degree 2 is the beginning of your journey for divine transformation!

  • Reiki awakens and enhances your own natural gifts and intuition.
  • Boosts, balances and rejuvenates your immune system, restores your health, your body for relaxation, clarity, confidence, peace of mind and heighened awareness to empower your life.
  • Strengthens your connection to the divine universal source, heightens your meditation, yoga practice and your consciousness. Realisng your true potential and authentic self - Your magnificent Divine Presence. To enjoy an inspired life of greater health, prosperity and wellbeing.
  • Reiki Degree 2 gives you the ability to become a qualified Reiki Practioner.
  • Your investment $350

  • You are welcome to review when you complete any of the Reiki levels.
  • Book in advance to secure your place in this positive life transforming seminar.
  • Private tuition and Reiki treatments are available upon request.
  • Ask about our upgrade training discount if trained in another system!
  • Private Tuition is available upon request.

My Fiancée Kristie had developed some internal bleeding, perhaps from avoiding food as she just doesn't feel hungry at times, drinking coffee instead. Around Tuesday the 17th Bleeding became a big issue and by Sunday, Kristie said that she was getting scared. I  had her in hospital straight away. After 8 hrs of waiting for a bed she checked out and went home, going throught the same process on Monday the 23rd May 2011 to be admited as a priority. By Wed her cell count was 88 on Thurs 26th she was at the point of near death. She would just sleep constantly, I called her and she was passing 500ml or so blood every 4 hours, doctors didn't know what to do. They said the would wait till it cleared up or got worse! That's when I called my Reiki master Dez and Emailed Linda (another Reiki Master in same Reiki system as Dez). I was pretty scared. He had about 12 Reiki Practitioners send healing energy to her. The very next day, on Friday the bleeding stopped and she was full of beans! They kept her in over the weekend just to be sure and the drip was out on Sat night, and discharged Monday. If in extreme circumstances like this a group of the 7 level Reiki focus and send Reiki it can pull someone out of a coma. Reiki is really true divine energy! I cant thank you enough ... IT WAS REIKI THAT SAVED HER LIFE! ~ Guy Glas DJ

Thank you so much again for yesterday attunements and wonderful experience. I feel so happy and grateful in my heart .
Last night I did reiki for my older son and husband. Both could feel pleasant warmth of this beautiful energy. I look forward to assisting them in improving their health and wellbeing. And will give myself this 'warm oil' of ' liquid' love everyday hehe. Feel excited about sharing it at my work place.Thankyou for being who you are, so loving and humble angelic human and guiding others towards better life of love ,peace, harmony and bliss on planet Earth by practicing Gratitude. ~ Haribol Ananda.
I must admit I was extremely sceptical about Reiki (my BSc degree plants the seed of doubt!). I'm truly amazed with not feeling any pain after over 10 years-just slight discomfort. And sleeping better! I certainly want do a couple more courses when I get back in Spring and dare I say-be a practitioner! I plan to set up a Healing Corner in my garden and get one of those tables set up permanently. ~ Lolita.
I can't beleive how different i feel.... it's amazing!! It feels as though i am back in control. As i told you at the end of the class.... when Anna was giving me my healing over my crown, it was like i entered a bright green room. I have experienced seeing the colours but it was overwhelming how bright and how much green.i saw. The only other thing about my healing is that i felt alot of heat in my chest it was warm like a nurturing feeling. While appying myself to Anna my hands got quite warm and felt a lil tingling. I have been searching almost praying to get my energy back to cut a long story short, I was surrounded by jealous hurtful negative people that had hurt me greatly.I have carried this pain in my chest for the last 3 years. I guess you could say i have been in search of anything on a spiritual energy level that would help me repair my emotional scaring and guess what? I'm blown away. I was so excited the next day i tried the healing on my mum. She is suffering from a car accident with disc bulges in her neck and has a slight problem with her spinal cord. She has recently had a second prednisone injection with not a lot of success and her pain has been excruciating for her to the point where it keeps her up at night and needs a sleeping tablet to go to sleep. Anyway when i was giving mum her healing i was cupping her head in my hands like the third position in the book. I felt like something was moving around under her skin. This feeling came from my left hand on the side of her neck where the injury is. I will say i seemed a lil stunned but not shocked cause it seemed so natural. She did find relief and i am going to continue this method to see how it goes i am really interested in finding out, i am just so thankful it did help her. That night this may sound strange but i was having a dream and the lights were so bright i woke up and had to open my eyes only to get a quick glimpse of another bright light it was so white and pure. i don't know what to make of this but anyway i thought i'd tell ya. Really enjoyed reiki 1 and will be doing Reiki 2 Loved it! ~ Thanx again Soraya

Thank you so much for being there for us. I really enjoyed Reiki 1. I have practiced it since and have slept best in years. Asthma seems less troublesome and with the wet weather, I am not that miserable as I used to get. So certainly enjoying it and this is just the beginning. I cannot wait for the boost of energy after Reiki 2 as you had mentioned to me. Back ache seems to be dissolving. Thank you again and I look forward to getting past all the anguish, trauma etc and forging ahead with calm and confidence. To have you as a Master teacher around is indeed a great gift and I am very grateful to the universe for it. ~ Vinita
I loved the course. I have since used Reiki on my sister, nephew, the dog, my plant and myself. It is miraculous! And, I just love doing it. I would like to do the Reiki 2 course on Sunday 26 June. Thank you so much for the reference material and wonderful day last Sunday. I got so much out of it, as I am sure everyone else did too. Kind regards, ~ Claudia
By the way, what have you done to me??? I have not touched coffee since Saturday and given up alcohol and cigarettes! (as well as the 5 pungents). Thanks for Saturday - it was great. All the best. ~ Nicole B.
Feeling great after Reiki 1, I was having some issues with my appetite and my stomach for a long time until I did Reiki 1,
which have all disappeared, (along with the coffee and sugar cravings). happy days! ~ Lorna M.
Thankyou for a spiritually uplifting day, I have gained so much from your course and feel so much more positive and energised.
i have noticed a huge difference in my animals they won't leave me alone. I also performed reiki on my cat that was ill and she sat there and let me do it and was purring and smiling!! I am looking forward to attending Reiki degree 2, thankyou once again! ~ Bianca G. RSPCA
Thank you for a wonderful experience & teaching. I recieved great insight to further my spiritual journey
& this week has been very special i am so much calmer & achieving more:) I am definitely interested in attending Reiki 2. Please keep me informed ~ Rhonda W.
After Reiki 1, I am seeing the world through different eyes and quite frankly, can’t wait to experience Reiki 2. I have a more positive outlook on life, and even when feeling down, that “little voice” comes nagging at me to keep going forward and focus on everything that I am thankful for. I do have so much to be thankful for. I also feel more at peace and confident about the future. It has completely uplifted my energy level. I have done Reiki on my daughter for shoulder & back pain. She has felt some definite improvement after the treatment. As for me, I have given myself treatment for migraine and it worked. This is so exciting. The day after the course, I felt I was physically taller, it was rather strange, but it was a strong feeling which persisted throughout the whole day. I also find that I can fall into meditation quite easily & actually be able to meditate for a longer period something which was so difficult for me before Reiki 1. Thank you Dez, for that wonderful and enlightening day.
Christine D. ~ Fashion industry coordinator.

Thank you so much for the seminar today..I was truly blown away, the day was loaded with you said angels bringing us together. I have been searching for so long and dissappointed and dislusioned, because people just did'nt get the truth, it just did'nt sit right. Today I found Truth. ~ Norma H.

Reiki 1 was absolutely awesome!
Thank you for chosing the path that you have chosen enabling people like me to benefit and have a great life!
I am finding I am a lot calmer in my mind at work which most of the time is a go go go environment
and just having the knowing that things will work out, no mater what.
I am very interested in doing Reiki 2. ~ Audrey R. Chef.

Thanks so much for the gift you have given me. I look forward to using it and growing with it.
Your classes were informative and fun. I hope to get to know you better because you are a special person, able to have spread the usage of such an energy to so many people.
Deep gratitude for you and your work. ~ Andrew H. Hospitality Mgr.

Just wanted to THANK YOU :-) for a wonderful Reiki course. I woke up this morning feeling blessed and contended.
Something I haven't felt for a long time. Its just amazing, all day I kept thanking God for a wonderful life I have.
Thank You Again ~ Divya.

Just wanted to say Thank You for a great class on Saturday. Very much appreciated learning something new to help other people and myself. Can't wait to do class 2. nice one. Thank you ~ Neil M. IT Mgr.
That was one of my reiki moments. A car almost reversed into me and was about 5cms away when he heard me beep and stop. Then I turned around and Monika was standing on the corner of the street. I think our combined reiki saved me from having an accident which I am very grateful for. ~ Alexis.

Just to let you know that I slept like a baby last night and woke up to day with much more energy that I have had in awhile.
Also no aches and pains. I am hooked. ~ Jenny W. Beautician.

Just a quick note to say many thanks for Saturday - I thoroughly enjoyed it and feel like a new person.
It was a big shift for me. Are the other levels available on request? I would like to go through all 7 levels.
Kindest regards ~ Mae.

Thankyou very much for teaching us yesterday, I feel very grounded, something I have been trying to do for the last 6 or so months without much success!! Matthew and I seem to be more in tune with each other (generally Monday morning before school is hectic). Thanks again. ~ Kristen (and Matthew).

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for a most enlighting Saturday spent in your Reiki 1 class. I just love the energy in my hands and already experience positive change in my life, both emotionally, physically and (out of my control) my teenagers' attitudes. Once again, I am very thankful. ~ Retha.

Hi Dez,
Yes it was lovely to see you and your daughter. You are right, I have been through alot of wonderful changes.
1. New partner- Love (Andy)
2. New home (right by Coogee Beach)
3. New career change (stopped massaging ie- doula training)
4. A recent holiday (to Japan for sakura season)
5. Improved health (sleeping better, skin much better)
Everything I have always wanted, I have finally attracted!
The Reiki energy has helped me. ~ Leah M.

Thanks Dez, see you Friday night. congratulations too on the course manual, it is an excellent and simple read.
Saturday's course and permanent attunement has put into perspective so many things for me so thankyou for sharing your gift. I know that I will cherish it. ~ Jeff.

First off  many many thanks and much gratitude for sharing your gift through the Reiki 1 course last weekend. I'm lost for words but have sent you much gratitude through the universe since coming to do reiki 1 on Saturday - and it's only Monday!
Wow. what can I say but thank you for your gift. the flow of unconditional love, compassion and understanding I feel now tangibly in my soul is wonderful. Blessings to you ~ Jerry.